Essentially, there are short action pieces alternating with each of the courses, however many you decide you want to have. Mostly there are three, but we can work around other arrangements if you prefer. The audience can even bring their own picnic!

Approx StartDurationAction
6.00pm Actors arrive and set up
7.45pm15 minutesCast mingle with guests in the bar
8.00pm20 minutesGuests are seated in the dining room.
First act.
25 minutes
1st Course served.
Service called by The Butler
8.45pm20 minutes2nd Act after 1st course cleared. Songs from wicked uncle; birthday gifts given out. The murder takes place.
50 minutes
Main Course served.  Service called by PC Plod
9.55pm15 minutes3rd Act after main course cleared. Interrogation of suspects. Questioning from the audience.
25 minutes
Dessert and coffee served.  Called by PC Plod.  Guests fill in answer forms.
10.35pm15 minutes4th Act: Denouement. The murderer is revealed and prizes given out.
10.50pm Finish

(N.B. The format for smaller groups is quite different;
see the "small group" page for details of that.)

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