If you have been looking on the internet you will have found several murder mystery companies which probably all looked very similar.  So what are the differences between us all?   What are the factors that you should be considering when comparing and choosing a company for your event?   (And why do we think that Cloak & Dagger is the best?!!)

Who are Cloak & Dagger?

Locality:   Cloak & Dagger operates within the area that we can reasonably cover from our home base and that can be reached by our own in-house actors (Click here to see on a map).  Some companies claim to cover the whole country, and - as with any national franchise - several of their teams will be very good.  Others?  You may be lucky.

The number of actors:   Cloak & Dagger uses a cast of between six and eight experienced actors because we find that trying to entertain a large audience with fewer than that simply doesn't work satisfactorily.  Some companies provide just one or two "MCs" and expect you to do all the work.  We do not think that is providing value for money.

Professionalism:   Cloak & Dagger is an established professional company which focusses solely on Murder Mystery Dinners, has over twenty years' experience - we started in 1993 - and knows how to entertain an audience.

Production standards:   We provide a full entertainment.  That means we act out the stories fully - we don't take the simple option of handing out piles of paper to read, (so-called "clue packs") because we know that audiences don't enjoy wading through it all.  Similarly, we like to ensure that everyone can see properly, so wherever it is required, we will bring staging and specialist lighting; our costumes and sets are designed to professional standards.

Scripts:   We currently offer sixteen different scenarios, all original scripts that can, where necessary, be tailored to suit individual requirements for birthday parties, celebrations, etc.  They are all good entertainments, but offer a range of styles.  Some scripts have a very high comedy element while others are relatively straight 'classic' murder stories. However we never forget - even in the comedies - that it is a Murder Mystery your guests have come for, not just a comedy night.

Safety:   We may be committing murder, but we like to do it safely.  All Cloak & Dagger's equipment is properly checked and PAT tested, but in case anything does go wrong, we have full public liability insurance.  If you are tempted by a cheaper company, do make sure they are equally careful - or that your own insurance will cover you if they are not.

Cost:   Cloak & Dagger is not the cheapest company around - we can't be if we are to maintain the quality our clients expect - but we believe we offer very good value for a top quality performance competitively priced.  And the price is all inclusive; there are no extras for travelling, or meals, or prizes, or...

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