We are based in south Hampshire and and normally work anywhere within about an hour map and a half's travelling distance, in other words from about Brighton to Dorchester and as far north as South London or the M4 corridor. (Click on the map) Anywhere much beyond that probably means we would need overnight accommodation and although we are perfectly happy to travel anywhere, this normally makes it uneconomic for you.

luger We can work in hotels, community centres, club houses, restuarants, school assembly halls, sports and leisure centres, churches, museums, private houses and we have even done a tent! As long as the space is big enough, we will provide all the staging, lighting, etc that may be required.

The only thing the venue must have is a secure private dressing room for us.

We can normally perform any script at any venue, but some locations and audiences might be better suited to one script than another and we would be happy to advise and recommend in individual circumstances.

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