Our normal fee, for an audience size between thirty and one hundred and twenty people, is from £700 although this may vary depending on the location, duration and time of the event. This is all inclusive; there is no VAT, no hidden extras.

Using a slightly different format, we can also cater for smaller groups - as few as half a dozen if you like - so give us a call whatever size you're catering for and we'll see what we can do.

  An audience
  Their dinner
  A changing room for us
  Everything else
  Staging, lighting, sound equipment,
  Pens and paper for the audience
  Prizes for the winning tables
  Flyers, posters and publicity material
  Timetables for your catering staff

Between 60 - 120 is the ideal size of audience, although as few as 30 is fine. We are very happy to do performances for greater numbers, but this size of audience must be agreed prior to the event. We want to ensure that everyone enjoys the evening, so if the audience size will require additional amplification or staging, we must be informed in advance so that suitbale arrangements can be made. We will liaise with you over any technical or staging matters to ensure that the evening runs smoothly and enjoyably for you and your customers.

We encourage a good deal of interplay between audience and actors, and it is this aspect which makes a Cloak & Dagger evening a success.

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