The way this form of murder mystery works depends greatly on the number of people who will be attending: there is a great deal of difference between six and twice that number.  However, if there are fewer than fifteen or so, we would make sure that everyone has a part in the story.  Otherwise some people will feel left out.

magnifying glassIn selecting a theme, we make this appropriate to your guests but not so specifically relevant to their particular area of expertise that they feel a personal involvement and professional challenge.   For example, for lawyers, a vaguely commercial theme might be good, but we would avoid too legal a story because that can lead to too much argument!  If the group is fairly varied, then we would choose a more general subject.

prints There are no fixed requirements for the venue. It can be a private house or a local hotel and, depending on the space available, the story can take place all in one room or there may be a secondary 'murder scene' for extra clues.

We then assign each player an appropriate character. Nobody has lines of script to learn, but they do need to know a bit of their background and things about the other characters. On the night there will also be one or two Cloak & Dagger actors who have peripheral roles in the story but are on hand to keep it all flowing.

Because each event is tailored to the particular group, we need sufficient lead-in time to prepare and distribute the background information. Normally we need 6-8 weeks, but this depends how much work is needed for your event and we can sometimes manage with less. The cost depends on the work that will be involved and the number of players, but is typically from £400.

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