Most of the performances we do are for audiences of sixty or more, but if you are planning a murder mystery for a group of 25 or fewer, the normal 'performed' style doesn't work very well.   The number of actors is disproportionate to the size of audience and it becomes a bit top heavy. We can still help: we just do it differently.

fingerprintFor private groups like this, it is more fun if some or all of the guests play the roles and we will provide everything needed to make it all happen. That means we provide the story, the background to all the characters, perhaps some of the props and/or costumes if needed.

glass We will also provide one or two actors who will be on hand to make sure that the evening flows smoothly and that the murder mystery works out properly so that you and your guests are free to enjoy the evening while we do the work!

This kind of event can be held for groups as small as six, in a hotel or a private house and with a script idea tailored to your own requirements. You can get more details about this by clicking for more. More about evenings for smaller groups

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