The menu on the right shows all the scripts we now offer (although we try to introduce at least one new script every year). Click on any of them to get more detail of the theme and setting.

Generally we can perform most scripts anywhere, but some need a blackout (or close to that) which can be difficult in some locations.  Some need more room than others, and some would suit a particular style of venue or a particular time of year.

We normally have 3 or 4 "in performance" at any time and will try to meet requests for any particulare script.  However, if you want something specific, please make sure it is booked well in advance to give time for casting, rehearsal, etc.

Some scripts are particularly suited to dressing up if you feel so inclined and these are marked up on the following pages.  This is not essential and most audiences don't dress up, but if your crowd feels in the mood...!

A couple of our scripts are unsuitable for children and maiden aunts, but generally they appeal to audiences of all types and ages. If you are in any doubt for any particular event, please ask us.

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