The format of a murder mystery, where the audience interacts with the characters and has to work out the ending, makes a unique teaching tool. A Cloak & Dagger murder mystery day at your school gives the pupils a very valuable learning experience, forming the centrepiece of a cross-curriculum theme. This will be something that will motivate and excite the children like nothing else. evidence

It can also cover a range of subjects, including:
    · drama - obviously!
    · literacy
    · science, whether chemistry, physics or forensic detection
    · social skills, ethical questions or different faiths.
    · history - the story can be set in any period you choose

The dialogue between characters and pupils makes opportunities to explore a wide range of topics and disciplines in a way which connects much more effectively. The content and complexity of the story will be adjusted to be appropriate to the age range of the children involved to ensure they are stretched but kept engaged.

We bring all the staging, cotumes and props required and can fit in around your timetable. We can perform in the school hall, dining room or drama studio or any other space that suits you. All we need from you is a secure private room where we can change.

Email or telephone (023 9248 4730) for more details.

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