How do I book?  For details, prices and how to make bookings, please get in touch with the contact shown against each event.

Any other questions?  Different murder mystery companies operate in different ways, so if you would like to know a bit more about how our evenings work, click here for the Questions and Answers page.

However, if that doesn't give you the answer you need or there is anything else, please phone Cloak & Dagger on 01243 530083 or email

(and if you didn't mean to come here at all, but want to organise your own murder mystery, then click here to go to the other part of our site.)

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With spring here, Cloak & Dagger is like a caterpillar! Low profile, quiet and entering a coccoon from which we will soon burst out in bright brilliant colours for the new season. So watch this space!

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