Because a Murder Mystery Dinner is something different.


At a hotel or restaurant, it offers an added attraction to help during the quiet periods. It will generate repeat business and give you something extra to offer not only to the general public (perhaps part of a 'short break' package) but also to professional conferences, charities, Rotary clubs, etc.

For a club or social group, it turns an ordinary dinner function into something memorable that gives the evening a special interest and focus. It is something unusual that will grab the members' interest.

For fund-raising, it offers a change from the usual run of events, something which your supporters will thoroughly enjoy and will be much more willing to sign up for.

For a company, it can form the basis of a team-building day, a training course or just a loyalty reward for hard-working staff.

On any occasion it creates an easy 'ice breaker' which not only produces good income for you on the night (especially, it seems, to the bar takings!) but also gives your members or customers an event which they will enjoy, remember and ask you to repeat.

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