This page is all about organising your own murder mystery event. If you are coming to one of our public events and want to know what to expect, then go here for all the questions and answers.

The event is built around a three (or more) course meal.   There will be some action before the first course and again before the main course; during one or both of these, one of the cast will be murdered. After the main course is more action and the main 'questioning' of the suspects (which is also thrown open to the audience).


During the dessert, the audience works out 'whodunnit', and this is followed (normally over coffee) by the denouement when the murderer is revealed and a prize is given to the winning table.

We make room and time for hotel/restaurant staff to serve and clear, but while the audience is eating each course, the actors circulate round the tables and can be questioned.

If your dinner starts at 7.30 or 8.00pm, the evening will finish at about 10.30 or 11.00pm.   Click here to see a typical evening timetable.

(N.B. The format for smaller groups is rather different;
see the next page for details of that.)

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