A murder mystery makes an excellent focus for a company day.

Whether you want:
    · an easy ice breaker to open a conference (or close it with a bang!)
    · a fun exercise to help improve staff cohesion
    · a reward for a deserving team
    · part of a training programme
    · or purely for entertainment
we can put together a package to suit you.

At its simplest, a murder mystery is a good team-building event. However it can also be adjusted to encompass other disciplines such as problem solving, negotiation skills, time management, information skills, leadership training, etc.


The event can be held in your office or in a hotel of your choosing. If you prefer, we can make all those arrangements for you. People learn best when they are enjoying being taught, so try a murder mystery and let us show what we can do.

Email or telephone (023 9248 4730) for more details.

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