Booking is very easy.

Email or telephone (01243 530083) to agree a date and we will discuss and agree which script we will perform, depending on the time of year, the audience you expect and the occasion. We will send you a simple contract to confirm all the details, and you return that, with a ten percent deposit to secure the booking. The balance is payable after the event.


If this is a new venue that we do not know, we will come to see the setting, sort out how best to arrange it all and meet you and/or the catering people so that we can work through the running order and what will happen. A week or two before the performance, we will send you a timetable with all these details set out.

We can sometimes take bookings at short notice, but generally we will be booked three or six months ahead, and for some dates, such as around Hallowe'en, twelve or even eighteen months. Please get in touch as early as you can.

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